This is a lovely testimonial from a client who had her baby at the end of 2023.

“Fiona is fantastic at what she does. She helped me so much in the long journey it took to have baby number 2. She is so knowledgeable, warm, personable, thorough, a shoulder to listen and cry on, and kindly makes herself available to answer questions that may arise. We now have our gorgeous little boy and a huge part of that is down to working with Fiona.

We had been trying to conceive our 2nd child for over a year before working together. I was seeing various acupuncturists and reflexologists and taking supplements, but it was all a bit ad-hoc and I was a bit lost. Our first child was very easy to fall pregnant with, so I was starting to get very despondent, confused and frustrated not knowing why it was taking a lot longer this time round. I knew I needed some help as I was catching a lot of coughs and colds so thought if I boosted my immunity it would help, but there was so much more Fiona looked into and we unearthed a lot more issues than just my coughs and colds through the various tests she ran. A lot of the results showed my ranges were sup optimal, therefore she sent me recommendations to excellent quality supplements (the quality of the supplements you take it very important as so many are full of bulking agents), and loads of nutritional guidance to bring my results within range. It was a little overwhelming to begin with, and there’s no quick fix, but bit by bit I started making the changes and I felt so much better in myself in general. We also worked on the male factor too.

I did end up going down the IVF route, but Fiona really helped me prepare for that. I even got congratulated on the quality of the embryos from the doctors and embryologist teams. One of those was our little boy who we’re completely in love with. Now that he’s here I couldn’t be happier – every time I look into his big blue smiley eyes it makes all the hard work and lifestyle changes worth it.

Infertility is a very lonely and overwhelming journey with lots of conflicting advice but when I started seeing Fiona everything became more streamlined, it made more sense, and she tailored everything to my personal circumstances. I loved that you get a very bespoke plan vs just generic advice. It also helps that she has been on her own personal fertility journey too so has first-hand experience of how it feels. If anyone is struggling with infertility, I would highly recommend Fiona to help you on your journey, however long or short, and give you the best possible chance to hold that longed-for baby in your arms.”

Amy, London.

I worked with Amy and her partner at AH Fertility Clinic, run by the amazing Angela Heap.