This is a lovely testimonial from a client who had her twins in 2023 after she and her partner worked with Fiona at the clinic in 2022. They had previously had one failed attempt at IVF and conceived the twins on their first round after working with us.

“I chose to work with Fiona for her first-hand experience of the stressful and sometimes traumatic process of trying to conceive. Her patient, calm and understanding approach felt refreshing and much needed following a round of unsuccessful IVF.

Since working with Fiona and following her diet and supplement plan, I feel far more positive and hopeful about the future. My body feels less inflamed, and my mood is very consistent which was important to me as I struggled greatly with the physical and mental side effects of IVF drugs.

Working with Fiona is so easy, she is highly informed on a 360 approach to fertility health. The appointments are spaced appropriately I feel she is invested in supporting my progress and health.

For any of my friends also on their journey of becoming a mother, I’d highly recommend investing in a program with Fiona. It has been an investment into my body and hopefully the future home of my baby. ❤️


After following Fiona’s nutrition plan prior to and during my IVF process, I am pleased to say I fell pregnant with twins!!! The babies are now turning one and I still follow the advice Fiona gave me in regard to food and supplements today. Working with Fiona was one of the best investments I made to support me on my pregnancy journey, and I would highly recommend her to anyone else.”


Briony, Guilford.