Charlotte Hunter of of KBMO diagnostics, the home of the Food Inflammation Test or FITI jumped at the chance to be interviewed by the incredible Charlotte Hunter who manages the UK arm of KBMO diagnostics, the home of the Food Inflammation Test or FIT.

I started using the test a few years ago with clients who were trying to get pregnant when I realised the anti-inflammatory elimination diet I was using was adding to the stress for couples.  They had often been on considerably long and stressful fertility journeys already and asking them to cut out anti-inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy completely was taking the enjoyment out of life.  They no longer felt they could socialise as eating out is such a big part of this and even mealtimes at home became stressful and time-consuming to prepare.

The FIT measures two signals in the body that the immune system makes in response to foods. Firstly, it measures an IgG-mediated response to food which has been associated with several symptoms from skin rashes, asthma, migraines, and hair loss to a range of IBS-like gut symptoms including abdominal cramping, bloating, diarrhoea, and more severe conditions like chronic fatigue. Secondly, it looks at an alternative immune pathway which measures inflammation via the complement systems and the molecule C3d.  In simple terms, the test looks at the foods that are driving inflammation in the body. This is crucial for optimising fertility as we want to reduce inflammation in the body to support optimal egg and sperm quality. It also means you don’t get a huge, long list of foods to cut out, which makes it easier for people to have a life whilst trying to get pregnant.

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