Optimum Fertility Package

Welcome to our intensive package for couples looking to optimise their fertility ahead of IVF treatment. IVF is expensive and the cost of multiple rounds builds up. We help you change your diet and lifestyle to optimise egg and sperm quality, so you have a better chance of success with IVF.

Your package includes

Introductory Appointment

One 30-minute session

You both attend and we discuss your IVF goals and timeline.

We review the factors that are detrimental to egg and sperm quality.

We discuss and agree necessary functional tests and timescales for these.
As a minimum we recommend a full set of female blood results, a sperm analysis and a vaginal microbiome analysis are carried out at the beginning of the process.

We introduce you to the Optimum Fertility Diet so you can start making changes to optimise your next IVF straight away.

Individual Appointments

Two 60-minute sessions

You meet with us in separate sessions so you each have our full attention.

We review your health questionnaire and address any health concerns.

We review sperm analysis and female blood results, recommending necessary diet and lifestyle changes to bring these into optimal ranges.

We discuss and agree recommendations to help you transition successfully to the Optimum Fertility Diet and make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to help increase your changes of IVF success.

Follow-up Appointments

Three 60-minute sessions

We encourage you both to attend but they can be tailored to the individual that needs more of the focus at any point in the package.

These sessions review progress and recommendations are adapted accordingly.

We review the analysis of the Vaginal Microbiome test and any other tests that are recommended in the introductory appointment.

We prepare you for the IVF process when you are ready, providing necessary support at every step of the complicated and stressful journey.

Additional Benefits

Support between appointments via messaging app.

Personalised supplement recommendations based on your test results, lifestyle and diet analysis.

10% discount off all your supplements for life when purchased through The Natural Dispensary, Amrita Nutrition or Your Health Basket.

Liaising with all other medical professionals involved in your care. Includes writing of necessary reports and requests for testing.

Your package includes

Initial consultation

A 120-minute session for which both of you must be present. A review of health questionnaires and food diaries, discussion of potential body system imbalances, recommendations for testing to help clarify imbalances and personalised Fertility Optimisation Plans with nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

Five follow-up sessions

Bi-weekly sessions lasting 60-90 minutes, ideally with both of you. A review of progress to date, explanation of any test results and adaption of your Fertility Optimisation Plans in light of progress and test results.

Email support

Up to 15 minutes included bi-weekly to answer questions or provide additional support via email.

10% supplement discount

Receive 10% off all of your supplements for life when purchased through The Natural Dispensary or Amrita Nutrition

The Optimum Fertility Clinic supports couples

Who are at the beginning of their path to parenthood

Who have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for a period of time

Who have experienced recurrent miscarriages or stillbirth

Who want to maximise their chances of assisted reproduction techniques like IVF / IUI / FET

The Optimum Fertility Clinic supports couples who

Have been trying to get pregnant naturally without success.

Have had failed rounds of assisted conception like IUI and IVF.

Have had chemical pregnancies, miscarriages or still births.

Want to take control of their own health and fertility outcome.

“Just wanted to let you know I had a beautiful baby boy! Thank you so much for all your advice, patience, and emotional support throughout this journey. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

A. and T., London

What to expect

  • You’ll be sent a detailed Health Questionnaire and 3-day food diary to fill in, ideally a few weeks before your first session.
  • We’ll complete a full assessment of your nutrition and lifestyle in advance.
  • At your first session we’ll dive deeper into your health questionnaires and food diaries together, discuss potential body system imbalances and recommendations for testing to help clarify imbalances.
  • Over the next week you’ll receive your personalised Fertility Optimisation Plan with nutrition, lifestyle and any necessary supplement recommendations; along with any test collection kits.
  • Every two weeks we’ll arrange a follow-up session to review progress, discuss test results and adjust your Fertility Optimisation Plan accordingly.

Your investment


3 x £500 monthly instalment plan available.

Investment for couples using sperm donor available upon request.

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